• Tim

    August 18, 2017


    Hard Eight BBQ – Stephenville, TX
    The best BBQ in Texas!!! A fun place to fly into. Look for the golfcarts at the office and follow the dirt road to Hard Eight for some fall off the bone ribs or brisket.

  • Vcs

    November 19, 2017
  • Vcs

    November 19, 2017
  • Tim

    November 23, 2017

    2017 Christmas Breakfast and Fly-In
    EAA Chapter 712 Young Eagle event and Breakfast Fly-In Breakfast in the hangar, Aircraft Decorating Contest, Piata for the kids, Possible Santa Sighting
    T41-La Porte Muni
    La Porte, TX
    T41 – La Porte Muni
    Harvey Rihn Aviation

  • tim

    December 24, 2017

    History of Weiser Airpark

    Cecil and Robert Weiser had a dairy farm on 165 acres on the East side of Huffmeister in 1944. They expanded their existing dairy farm in 1951 and purchased 103 additional acres on the West side of Huffmeister. This acreage extended from Huffmeister to Highway 290 and contained a small grass air strip. The air strip was named F. H. Jackson Airport at the time and was renamed Weiser Airpark in 1963. Cecil and Robert maintained more cattle on the additional acreage and moved their herd across Huffmeister for milking. They were milking about 100 cows daily and hauled milk to Carnation Dairy near downtown Houston. They put in many 24 hour days hand-milking cows and hauling milk. At the time there was no electricity and water came from a hand pumped well. It was not until 1944 that the area had access to electricity and they purchased milking machines.

    In 1963 they built a row of 10 hangars and in 1964 they built two more rows of 10 hangars each. The airport, which encompasses 31 acres, was separated from the dairy farm by a fence to keep the cattle off the runway and the airport continued to grow.

    The main runway 09-27 was paved in 1980 and runway lights and a rotating beacon were installed. A 2,000 foot grass runway, 16-34, was used to handle crosswinds and is now used only for emergencies.

    A gas pump was installed in 1963 but there were no credit cards and everyone wrote a gas ticket on the “honor system” for what they purchased and were sent a bill every month. In 2000 a self-serve credit card system was installed so customers and visitors could access the gas pump on a 24 hour basis.

    Weiser Airpark has been an institution in the Cypress area for decades and produced many pilots who are now captains with major airlines. Many of the hangar renters at Weiser are business people and use their aircraft for personal and/or business use.

    The previous dairy farm property is still farm land but used mainly to produce hay and a few cattle. Cecil and Robert each have acreage near Brenham and raise some cattle there.

    It is not unusual when you visit Weiser Airpark to see Cecil, Robert or one of the other Weiser family members mowing grass or maintaining the property on a tractor or a front end loader.

    Weiser Airpark is a very unique airport. It is the only small airport in the Houston area that is located on a major freeway. It has no employees, but if someone needs help, there are plenty of volunteers to assist. It is probably the “friendliest airport” in the United States. Pilots from all over the Houston area come to Weiser Airpark for the camaraderie and friendship it offers. The coffee pot is usually on in the “shack” and everyone likes to talk about flying, politics or anything else. Many people visit the airport just to watch planes land and take-off. There are areas to view the aircraft within 50 feet of the runway.

    It has been said that if someone learns to fly at Weiser, they can land at any airport. Weiser has predominant cross-wind landings which are sometimes a challenge but make better pilots of the students!!

    The airport has two independently owned flight schools, Houston Flight Training and The Flight School. Both of the schools offer instruction for Private Pilot, Instrument, Multi Engine, Commercial and Certified Flight Instructor.

    The mechanic on the field for over 30 years, Harold Wilson, owns Wilson Aircraft, Inc. and is well known throughout the United States for his expertise in Beech aircraft, especially T-34s, as well as Cessna, Piper and others.

    VFW Post 8905, next to the airport, has been great friends of the airport and sponsor many charitable events every year. The Weisers have also supported the FFA and many other charitable events in the area.

    This is truly a family owned and operated Cypress business!!!


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